Farewell List

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An Italian Doctor described how a dying grandmother had recently asked her to see her granddaughter. "I pulled out the phone and called her on video. They said goodbye. Soon after, she was gone. By now, I have a long list of video calls. I call it a Farewell List.’’ – Press. This article inspired me to publish this e-book. Sanitary personnel are on the front-line, waging the battle against the invisible enemy!

Farewell List by Mohamed Failali on Scribd


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I am the
one in the cage, not the sparrow.
Soy yo quien está
en la jaula, y no el gorrión.
C’est moi qui
suis dans la cage et non le moineau.
Ich bin derjenige
im Käfig, nicht der Sperling.
Sono io quello
nella gabbia, non il passero.
   .أنا من في القفص وليس العصفور                                                      

La Profumeuse

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Safiy was hungry and tired while taking his last oral exam at the end of the year. The Profsmoker – her surname- let him choose the topic. He was talking shyly. When he looked at her, she was looking at the mirror and combing her hair. She was old and ugly. He could not continue. She put the comb and the mirror back in her bag. Did you bring my last book I recommended to you? I found it very expensive! So, you want to succeed this way? He knew his future was in the hand of a witch called The Profsmoker! The university was the worst disappointment of my life. ‘The Profsmoker’ is my eighth book and one of my next novel’s chapters.

LaProfumeuse by Mohamed Failali on Scribd

Throny Path

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This PDF ebook reflects some of the most precious moments of my life.


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This audiobook is an excerpt from my first novel ‘An unexpected Intruder’, which is, in fact, the first part of my next novel. It has been a series of seven books so far. Self-publishing is a painful adventure. However, it can be beneficial if one has a humane message to deliver. Life is a game with strict rules to abide by. The boy's voice is by my almost five years old son Akram. I used an electronic reader because I live in a building and noises from inside and outside make it difficult for me to get good recording results.


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نسي نفسه وهو يلعب
 توسد الثرى قد مسه التعب
القمامة منها يتأدب
بلا مأوى لا أم له ولا أب
 لم ير السماء نارا تلتهب
الكل وحده وهربوا
في أرض تستلب

 غير الله ليس لها نسب

مرقة حزينة

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كمتوسطي أقلق بشأن بحرنا. السمك وجبتنا الرئيسية. لكن بسبب التلوث أصبح البحر المتوسط مهددا. إنه بحر نصف مسدود ما يجعل منه منطقة حساسة. التخلص من المواد الكيماوية شر مدمر يقتل حياة الكائنات ببطء. أهم الصناعات هي السياحة، خاصة في دول الجنوب. تستدعي الجودة قبل كل شيء. كثير من السياح يهربون من المدن الكبيرة بحثا عن الهدوء والنقاء. لذلك وجب اتخاذ تدابير جادة لحماية المناطق السليمة وإصلاح المتضررة. السياحة ستكون رابطا بين الشمال والجنوب ونقطة وصل حيث تلتقي مصالح كل لصالح البحر الأبيض المتوسط وشعوبه.
للأسف صار البحر المتوسط مقبرة لكثير من الأرواح البريئة في زمننا. هذا سيكون موضوع روايتي التالية.